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Domenicca was born from the union between two large national passions: flip flops and the beloved soccer. Our Founding Director has closely followed the evolution of the Spanish and Italian soccer clubs. Several good ideas were conceived at what seems almost obvious and brought forth the thought: "Why I didn’t think of that?". Today it may seem that it was a simple idea, but at that time it was subdued, rated as unlikely. The licensing linked to soccer clubs was still restricted to a few products and untapped for a number of others, which are now easily found in the market. Like an idea that does not leave the paper is nothing, the work was gradually initiated. Our first job was convincing club by club that flip flops should be launched as soon as possible. The company raised the common distrust to all innovative proposal. One of the most recurrent placements was "a supporter would not step on his team ..." Then came our explanation: the fans would walk with their teams. Thus was born the slogan: “Domenicca - walking with your team” As soon as the first club signed up the sales began. Retailers bet on flip flops and consumer response was undeniable, consolidating the "soccer flip flops" as a reality. Domenicca not only started a national manufacturing operation of licensed products, but also opened precedent for a number of companies that followed in his footsteps with the most varied products, becoming a national reference.

Why Domenicca?

When thinking about a business joint which would dedicate all it’s efforts to make flip flops reach the majority of feet, naturally several contents have emerged. The week day named Sunday has flashed, as it’s a flip flop day, a relaxing day, to lay your feet on the air. It’s also the perfect day for visiting the beach, having barbecue with friends and family and also to watch your favorite club play. So brands name had to have “domingo” on it’s name, which is explicit as domenica stands for Sunday in Italian


Within the soccer flip flops consolidated on the market, having partnerships with dozens of Brazilian Soccer Clubs, a new challenge was born: to expand our operations. Soon we started investing on cartoons, surf, skate, racing, martial arts, fashion and art in general, having a whole new universe of products and patterns.

As the international business grows, the search for our products was amplified to markets beyond South America, reaching worldwide countries like The United States, France, Portugal, Italy and even Middle East.​
Our products nowadays are in the main chain store channels and e-commerce, holding more than a thousand active selling points. Our market expertise and recognition has opened doors to special accounts like World Cup Fifa 2010 and CBF 2014 (Brazilian Soccer Confederation).




Our flip flops are produced in our factory located in Barbalha, within the huge Industrial Footwear Center in Cariri, Ceará, one of the largest in Brazil. We have all the expertise of professionals working in the footwear industry for over 20 years. The whole experience is applied throughout the production process. We have wide range of machinery, which enables making various models, patterns and designs, fully internalizing the production from injection, through special courts, stamping and even sewing, which provides quality control and standardization. This way we can ensure reliably productive capacity to all trading partners, whether it is a national or an international operation.


Our main office is in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre. Over there is located our whole team responsible for the administrative matters of the business, also responsible for operational and logistical issues.


We We also based in Sao Paulo, in the city of Jundiaí, which commercial office is responsible for managing new business. The São Paulo office is also responsible for bridging the gap between the development and the final product, aiming to match aesthetics with market responsiveness.



The Domenicca is a company dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, we invest more and more in a business format in line with the commitment to the environment, employees, society and the entire cycle of its products, from production through consumption and after use destination. We offer continuous training for our employees. Not only spreadsheets, numbers, projects and machinery, there are ethics, entrepreneurship, teamwork, ideas and achievements. Honor with utmost rigor all human rights, children's rights and all the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as well as all of our tax liabilities and contractual commitments. With the same rigor we reject the physical or moral disrespect to individuals, child exploitation, forced or compulsory labor, such as the practices of fiscal misconduct and unethical positions in business. We have relationships only with suppliers who share the same position. We value the preservation of the environment and production practices governed by sustainability. We have 100% of our line of flip-flops made up of recyclable end products. Together production waste is reintegrated in the process, minimizing the most environmental impact. We maintain our environmental certification updated. We are associated with IBTEC - Brazilian Institute of Technology for Leather, Footwear and Artifact, seeking to always have guaranteed quality of our products as well as our innovations. We are part of the Brazilian Footwear Association (Abicalçados), the most important segment of the institution in Brazil. We are also members of Abral - Brazilian Association of Licensing, which is dedicated to promoting the regulation of processes and licensing market business.



We We have three different areas focused on the business relationship with companies: - First, the operation is turned directly to the retail market, serving retailers seeking licensed products, differentiated and unique to their customers. Retailers can access our products in two ways; the main one is through our network of sales representatives operating throughout the country, and also through authorized distributors throughout the country..- Second, we have the private label sector, where our business and product development partners with brands in all industries, especially looking suit their needs, successfully entering the flip flops in their product mix. Partnerships we can range from the development to delivery to different formats of partnerships in which the products are billed directly to the tenants of our customers.- The third front is dedicated exclusively to the international market, increasingly growing and interested in pursuing the creativity and quality of Brazilian products, Domenicca is able to carry out exports to all countries, for that front we have international sales representatives and Companies trading partner






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